Sunday, July 31, 2016

Theater District - War Paint


 We had pre-ordered our tickets online for this show about beauty moguls (Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden)  We took our SECOND Uber ever to get to the show... another success!  The show was lively and fun... we all enjoyed it..... not sure if it would be quite as fascinating for the men in our lives!

The River by night..... beautiful sight on the way home.... now if we had ONLY found a gooey dessert on our way too!

Magnificent Mile

Michigan Avenue or the Magnificent Mile is just that.... wide, beautiful and interesting..... We didn't see it all, but noticed that compared to NYC there is MUCH less honking of horns..... really makes it more enjoyable to stroll down the street......

Inside the Water Tower (Across the Street)

Friday, July 29, 2016

Navy Pier

On our last morning, before taking our flight home we walked to the Navy Pier..... named of course, because of formerly being used as a training facility.  But, currently it is the home to shops, restaurants and entertainment of all sorts..... You can rent bicycles or Segways, take a boat cruise, ice skate, ride a roller coaster with a view or just watch people.... We didn't have NEAR long enough, but we enjoyed our visit.

View from the Ferris Wheel Back Toward Downtown

You can barely see that there are "Tall Ships" in port for a week or so.....
John Hancock Tower Shrouded in Clouds in the Distance

More Tall Ships Moored at the Navy Pier

Hancock Tower

Beautiful views...excellent historical information on the path to the elevators... Then a surprise concert out front.... perfect morning!

View Toward the Navy Pier
View Toward the North Shore.... Lakeside Beach 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Bean....Cloud Gate

Amazing public sculpture in Millennium to watch people interacting with it ...

If you look closely at the bean itself I am wearing light orange and in the middle... such an interesting sculpture...

Reflection in the Bean
Taken UNDER the Bean and Looking Up

Beautiful Buildings...

Architecture in Chicago is definitely a highlight.... some of these photos came from walking around the town, but some were from our architecturally based river cruise....

Water Tower on the Magnificent Mile

Burberry Building - Plaid - How Appropriate!

Buildings Reflected

Taken from Millennium Park

Marina City
Historical Society
Tribune Tower
Entrance to Millennium Park (One of Many)

Art Institute

Will have to return to see all the treasures here... WOW!  The entrance we used was very close to Millennium Park.... reasonably priced... we found it to be a wonderful museum but we had a little difficulty following the map.....
One of Many Paintings in the Impressionist Gallery
Marc Chagall Windows

Tiffany Lamp

Even the hallways are interesting......

One of Many Diverse Exhibits